Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Low Disk space

Had always had this problem of low disk spaces on whatever computer I work on, and whatever capacity it has. My comp at IIMB had a 40 GB disk, which was never enough. I went home and got a 40 GB disk frm my comp bk there (which was originally an add-on to my existing 6.4GB disk there) and ended up with 80GB on my disk, which was still not enough. of the 80GB, I never had more than 3 GB free, and this was mainly because of my earnest attempt to keep at least 2GB free on my C: drive! I have some 12-15GB of music, and some 40GB of movies. A few computer games (minimal - mostly 2 versions of NFS, 2 of Hitman and Cric 2004), and a few GB here and there, and my hard disk is full!

Beleive it or not, the same has happened with my laptop as well. The poor thingie is just a month old and has 33.9GB filled and 3.33GB free :-)
Of the 33.9GB are 8.5Gb of music, 13.2GB of movies (19 movies), 1.7GB of videos and half a GB of games to make up the bulk of the occupied space.

Guess I need to finish watching off the movies one by one just so that I can copy some more movies!

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