Monday, May 02, 2005

The corporate jungle

Finally i stepped into it...u get in as a cat, and if u get the right breaks, u end up as a tiger...
Am not cribbing abt anything publicly on the blog...lemme jus look at whats on the brighter side here..

First and foremost, there is some 'decent' eye-candy after a couple of years...after the pathetic sex ratio at IIMB, i have a ratio of 1.625 males per female in the S&D division in my new job which is not bad at all :-) and our curent training batch has an even better ratio of 1.27 :)))
Second, I have made some very good friends here..the networking has already begun...
Third, no solid work so far...still in training and induction and i m into the third week already...
Fourth, my company is per current indications, i can do something new if I hate the job I am currently in vertical and horizontal shifts within the ocmpany do not seem to be not too difficult
Fifth, i m mos probably gettin a techie job as i demanded! used to thnk tht i wasted two years in MBA as i m a hardcore techie at heart, but seems IBM has a role for everone! They have promised me a mgt job with a major percentage of 'techie'ness in definitely looking forward to that!

Not really enoying the experience much so far, but it has not been so bad! Gez i m acshully looking forward to my job!
I expected to find a grp majorly comprised of maggus but actually found a lot of ppl matchin my frequency...which has resulted in 4 of us forming a cult grp abt whch i will write in my next post...

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