Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ashutosh Gowariker on life after Swades

Excerpts of an intvw with Ashutosh Gowariker on Pretty interesting reading if u hv been following Swades closely...

What feedback have you received from young people about Swades?

I've got a fantastic response from the youth. On one level, they are all identifying with the thought of the film that they want to make a difference but have not been looking at it seriously. So be it the Symbiosis Institute of Management, IIT, I've been invited by a lot of organisations, colleges, newspaper forums.

The response of the youth is most important to me because that's where the success of the film should lie regardless of box office. They are the ones... sorry, we are the ones that can make a difference.

I've yet to meet anybody who has come and told me -- 'kya aapne picture banayee hain' -- they come and tell me how they were moved by the film. I find that most flattering. They react to it as what stirred them emotionally.

If you go to schools -- 8 year olds are reacting to the film, don't know how and why. When I meet them outside they actually stop and talk to me about the film, and these are kids who actually should be watching Main Hoon Na.

I think they saw Swades because they love Shah Rukh but also love what he's doing through the village and all that.

The second reaction was -- 'yeh to documentary hain.' Too preachy. I knew if I go on this path I would have to preach. I tried in my own way to give this message by making it discussive and argumentative and not get preachy -- but even that seems preachy.

Like when Mohan Bhargav talks of the America and India concept. My approach was that I feel we don't look back in anger any more. We don't want to because we are tired of it. If I shout from the rooftops and tell you this is wrong most of the time you will just brush it off saying -- 'listen don't tell me what to do.'

I feel the time is to look back emotionally. Mohan is saying this is where we've arrived upon, how can we change things. If it's preachy because of that -- and if I don't have that -- then there's no film.

Then there's the education montage -- where Mohan reasons why a villager discontinues his child's education. I wanted to go into each of these aspects and wanted Mohan to give very simplistic, lucid explanations of why the person does this.

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Ashutosh is on my top 5 list of best directors in india. Really liked Swades . . .no matter what.

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