Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Au revoir...

'tis goodbye to IIM-B after we have been officially declared alumni of this prestigious insti a coupla days back, at our convo...
These signal the end of my days as a student, and the day when i am expected to step into the corporate world and (try to) make a difference is approaching. I am expected to join IBM Bangalore on April 18.
I am not sure how i feel after losing my status as a student - deja vu or distress. Deja vu coz i am finally free of all exams, books, profs and similar stuff, and distress coz it is goodbye to college life - the fun, the jokes, the laughter, the outings, the cricket, the long nights, a significant part of my life....
Especially missing all this today after a major portion of the gap brigade who have made up most of my best friends through these two years have all left for their homes/offices with the last gang of 4-5 ppl leaving today...the block is so emptyyy and quiettt...

SVK's "yby", refreshing bike rides, cribs, anti-IIM campaigns, quadrilateral issues, yam
Chikka's cribs, smile, geelapan, reactions to "sigma/acad/toastmasters sux", blogging, arbit wake-up times
Sigil's gyaan, drinking sessions, efficiency and overconfidence :-)
Lion's cricket, aaha, his calci and da Pentagon's connexns, room, shoes, his liking for everything big
Shaagesh's hogging, gayesh, retorts to our constant ragging, Brut
GML's screams, learnings, love for shaagesh, studgiri, global, leadership skills, vodka drinking
Bose's aahaa, night trips with mysterious ppl, Hindi, enthu, yellow t-shirts
RGs footer, collarbone :p, mugging, desperation for learnings and of course RG!
Baby's handycam and the never-available tapes, weekend disappearances, cute smile, eat-outs
Other's other G-blk identity, nakkals, arbitness, enthu for cric, POPping and AS, Nalla & A Ars

Will miss all ye ppl and the fun we had for these near 2 years...

Gosh i m so senti!

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