Friday, January 21, 2005

Why Kinetic Honda sux

(1) The bottom of the vehicle is bumped wen i go over potholes/speedbreakers
(2) I cant brake hard bcoz the bike skids bigtime wen i brake like on the Yam..this happened today on B'gata road, and the guy behind me looked at me as if i was drunk!
(3) Putting petrol is painful, u actually hav to get down of the bike...painful if u r used to bikes...
(4) Deceleration is fast (bcoz of the small tyres?), so u hav to keep accelerating whch results in wrist-pain
(5) Painful kick start...If ur battery is dead or your self-start has gone bust, u r screwed
(6) Difficult centre is damn painful to lift the heavy bike and put it on its centre stand
(7) You cant go too fast beacause of (1) (2) and (4)
(8) On top of all this, pathetic mileage...

Ki-Ho sux

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Blogger Chikka says...

dont blame the bike ..
u and Ki-Ho are NOT made 4 each other .. simple!!

2:49 AM  
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