Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Considering it is one of the biggest tragedies to hit human civilisn in recent times, i gez i need to mention at least somethin abt it here...

I recently read a letter frm a reader to the Times of India whch was a general crib. The guy starts off by saying that the Aussie cricket team had donated some part of their earnings from the current series against Pakistan for Tsunami relief and complained tht the Indian cricket team did not do the same and were a bunch of selfish people or something to tht effect...

Was it the fault of the Indian cricketers that they did not have any cricket series going on while the tragedy happened so that they could donate part of the earnigns for the cause?

Was it their fault that they did not go publicly on record saying "I have donated Rs 1 lakh for the Tsunami cause" and ask for it to be specifically mentioned in the newspapers in such a way tht the general public come to know about it?

It is hightime we Indians stopped cribbing about anythiung and everything...especially on things we are least concerned otr bothered about. What difference does it make to you if a cricketer contributes to the fund or not? If u think u need to contribute, then do it and shut up. If others feel they should contribute to the cause, they will. It is none of your business to question others actions...hopefully it will do a whole lot of good to our nation and its development...

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