Monday, November 15, 2004


I had heard a lot of hype about this movie and loads of I thought I would check out the movie when it was colourised and released a couple of days back. I knew nothing of the story as most of the reviews did not say anything about the story but bragged on about the trivia and stuff. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to see the story of Salim-Anarkali enacted on the big screen. I realized something when I read the trivia on the movie's website - no one has ever dared to make another movie on Salim-Anarkali, so powerful was this movie, though there have been various clones of Devdas, Romeo-Juliet, etc. So I had no scope of knowing what this love story was all about. But this is similar to all the other famous love stories in that the lovers don't 'live happily ever after' but have a very sad ending. Thankfully, no one dies in this, for a change - neither the guy, nor the gal, nor any of the parents.

The movie had some very nice songs - the eternal hit 'Pyar kiya to darna kya' with very hard-hitting lyrics which properly fit the situation) and 'Zindabad Zindabad' sung when Salim is about to be sentenced to his death by the emperor. Again plenty of trivia on these songs as well. I guess no other movie has had as much trivia as this!

Dilip Kumar was impressive as Salim so was Prithivraj as Akbar. Madhubala as Anarkali looked absolutely stunning, especially when compared to the heroines of today and was easily the pick of the cast.

The music is very impressive with the lyrics making a lot of sense and fitting the situation perfectly unlike the songs we are accustomed to seeing in todays movies.

And the movie had some kind of emotional connect with did not seem to be so good on first-view, but had something in it which left me yearning for more...mebbe it was just the style of filmmaking which is so different from today's which made all the difference...Mughal-e-Azam is definitely one movie which will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come...

As one of the reviews put it - "
MUGHAL-E-AZAM is a must for today's generation, who, perhaps, may not have watched this classic. Watch this epic and you'll realize the difference between the cinema of yore and the cinema of today. MUGHAL-E-AZAM is a must for every moviegoer. Here's a prime example of pure, unadulterated cinema!" Very true! Definitely one of the best and greatest Hindi movies ever made...

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