Tuesday, October 26, 2004

'Vaastu Shastra'

Yet another movie frm Ram Gopal Verma's prodn house i was eagerly looking forward to...and managed to catch it on its second day of release...and my review is just one word - PATHETIC.
Though the MSN reviewers have gone ga-ga over it in their review, the movie really sucks bigtime.
'If Bhoot scared you, this will kill you' - screamed the trailers. I am one of the many fans of 'Bhoot' and was waiting for a movie that can supercede it in horror, and what better place for such a movie to come from than RGVs own stables! But this movie fails to iompress in any way, unwanted sounds here and there (maybe to scare the viewer) look (or rather sound) pretty bad and are not expected in a movie of this calibre. The climax is the biggest letdown and maybe a differently though out climax might have saved this movie from being a sure-shot flop. The only saving grace of the movie is Sushmita Sen who looks gorgeous as ever...and teh kid who portrays teh role as her son...the director has left some scope for a sequel in the climax...God forbid him from doing anything of tht sort!

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