Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The time has come...

...for me to start blogging...

With every Tom, Deepak and Hari around me blogging away to glory, why should I be left behind?!

But there is something to be afraid of...one of the most common diseases across the world...popularly known as laziness...i already have the disease and only sincerely hope tht it does not extend into this blogging pastime as well...but with the amount of joblessness encompassing me right now in this term here, i can only hope i wil have something to blog, if not nothing...made sense? No, rite...tht was teh whole point...and my othr blogs will be like this as well...

IIMB rox!
(and so does GAP!)

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Blogger Aakash says...

Good Work Dude !
Keep it up !

8:39 AM  

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