Tuesday, September 28, 2004


An interesting fwd i came across recently...

The lungies: freedom providers at night

The lungies worn by the south Indian population is an invention that mankind did for his betterment. Lungies which cover the lower part of the body during the night is unique in many ways.we can never forget our gratitude for this to our forefathers.That is why lungi still survives in this "pseudo modern world of imitations".

Here are some points why i think we should wear lungi.

1. Freedom at night: Wearing a lungi at night without ur undergarment will give u ultimate freedom. It ensures free mobility for ur life. It gives the stomach and the lower abdomen freedom from foreign occupation.It gives u a sound sleep. Persons who had enjoyed this will not switch to any other night wear.

2. Economical night wear: compared to its competitors like Bermudas and other expensive wears which gives limited freedom, lungi should be the choice for the night.

3. Security : Lungies provide security in more than one way. when u r unarmed and if somebody is attacking u, u can take the lungi put it over the other person and overpower him(Courtesy: Aduthoma - a famous character enacted by Mohanlal in a mallu movie Sphadikam). One another way is to lift u r lungi.

For these and the other reasons which are not mentioned i call upon my friends u encourage the use of lungi and lead a better and healthy life.

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Anonymous Anonymous says...

nice buddy!

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Blogger ചെലക്കാണ്ട് പോടാ says...

liked ur thots on lungi...

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