Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The eternal question bugging everyone on campus for a looong time...WHAT IS GAP?

SVK n myself conceptualised the 'GAP movement' with a corporate vision and mission, and we are proud of the fact that it has really caused a flutter in the near-400 strong IIMB community...especially with publicity stalwarts like GML, Hetro, eV, Kabootar and Pondy in charge, GAP has acquired distinct brand associations with words like learnings, unlearnings, unmitigated, strong, concrete, reinforced, gap crap, gap cards, cycle-gap, gappesh kuvaresh, shaagesh, ooteshwara kuvarakuvar and the most popular 'Otha...thoh' and 'tha-****' (pseud version of wtf)

If an auto can pass through a cycle-gap (a gap thru which only a cycle can pass), we call it an auto-gap rather than a cycle-gap. However if the Titanic can actually pass through tht same cycle gap, it does not make sense to call it a cycle gap or auto gap. This is the basic principle from which the whole concept of gap arises...

Now coming bk to the question of wht is gap...gap is a vision, it is a movement...Gap is an experience, and you have to come to I-first to feel it...i am sure neone who has ever been with us gap-pers for more than 10 minutes together fully understands the feeling of GAP..

Is it a cycle? Is it an auto? Is it the Titanic? No! It is GAP!

(And as my blog address says..GAP ROX!)

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