Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The title i have set for this is my one-word motto in life...
Believe is one powerful word which means a lot to me..

bel!eve in ur dreams
in ur ambitions
in ur passions
in ur love
and not the least, in YOURSELF

This inspirational word occured to me wen i was conducting an IT quiz for my college fest, at a regional level, along with my quiz partner for years - Jacob... we were brainstorming for a title for the quiz the previous night of the quiz, and this was the final name we decided on - bel!eve - with the 'i' bang in the middle replaced by the exclamation mark to give it tht distinct 'brand identity'

The rest followed...i fell in love with this term...and it finds itself in a lot of places related to me..
It was my e-mail signature for quite a long time...and this is still my display when i start up my mobile...

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