Friday, February 27, 2009

25 things about me

Surya tagged me, so here goes.

25. I cry a little bit when I watch some really senti movies/stuff. Typically happens like 2-3 times a year.
24. I have a collection of all the personal greeting cards I have ever received since 1997. They bring back a lot of memories.
23. "Munbe Vaa" has been my daily morning alarm since Aug 2006
22. I prefer online reading to printouts. I have 233 subscriptions on my Google Reader right now.
21. My left leg is slightly longer and left foot is bigger than my right. Same about the left hand. So, when I think I am standing perfectly straight, I am actually not...and I cant make that out myself unless I look in a mirror!
20. I think I have seen ALL the Tom and Jerry cartoons ever made (I am discounting the Tom and Jerry Kids series, that one is nowhere as good!)
19. I think Cameron Diaz is the most beautiful woman on earth.
18. I used to be a bit short tempered till I was about 15 years old. Now I have my anger under check most of the time.
17. I have a very varied taste in music - Beethoven, A R Rahman, Illaiyaraja, Dido, Iron Maiden, Elvis Presley, Muse, name some of people I listen most to.
16. I learnt carnatic music for more than a year as a kid. My parents gave up ultimately.
15. I am way more comfortable chatting online/smsing rather than talking over the phone/in person.
14. I dont know for sure if I believe in God, or not.
13. The top three alternate career options I am considering - Nature photographer, Movie Cinematographer, Automobile mag editor.
12. I have an alternate orkut profile which I use to snoop into other profiles once in a while, thats probably like twice a year
11. The craziest thing I have ever done was in a Ford Mustang sometime in Sep-Oct 2006 in Death Valley, California. No more comments on that :)
10. I started creating a "bucket list" on Google Docs a few months back. No, its not because I think I am gonna die young! It is just to make sure I can keep track of all the things I always wanted to do. Top of the list is to drive a Lamborghini.
9. I am pretty particular about information tags on my digital music collection. I can actually claim I have a well organised collection.
8. Swades was the first movie I ever watched First day First Show.
7. I became a huge Superstar fan only after I saw Padaiyappa.
6. I love chocolate chip cookies.
5. Sports I have actually tried a hand at - Cricket, Football, Tennis, Racquetball, Basketball, Tsepak, Badminton, Volleyball. I am not an expert in any of them.
4. All my digital time displays are set to the 24h format.
3. I lost respect for the Oscars the year they gave close to a dozen to Titanic. The fact the Slumdog got so many of those this time around proves that the Academy has not changed much.
2. I completed the full seven day "GM diet" a late in 2008, just to test my willpower. I did lose a couple of kilograms along the way.
1. I used to have a great idea for a perfect cinema viewing experience - have smells/odours along with the audio and video to get a complete authentic experience. I dunno if this idea is being pursued by someone.

(This is not in any order. It is in reverse numbering only because I flicked it from Surya and I am too lazy to change it. So there)

I tag the two readers of this blog - Hetro and Fart.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Mallu nicknames

Some of the colourful nicknames we have for folks at these are not project mates, jut interesting folks in office :)

Chaaran (Spy) - loves to watch over our shoulders to see what we are doing
Charakku (Femme fatale) - Self explanatory :)
Katta thalla - Middle aged, and decently hot lady
Chiri thalla (Laughing lady) - Old lady with very loud (and irritating) laugh
Thaalparyam Illathavan (Guy who is not interested) - Hubby of Charakku, has only one expression plastered on his face permanently - that of disinterest
Mannunni (Dumbo) - Looks like one, but goes around regularly with Katta Thalla on 'walks' and 'drives'
Kundan (Homo) - self explanatory, again. Pretty much self proclaimed kundan
Mathai kunju - A guy named Mathew, who loves to spit out random cr@p at the slightest provocation - king of bull
Namitha - European looks, Namitha's "figure"
Meeshakkaran (Moustached man) - Spanish dude with a super moustache that covers up most of his face
Salma Hayek - Spanish lady who looks soo like Ms Hayek. Loads of make up, but still ultra hot
Punjabi - Indian-looking girl with a Singh in her surname, possibly 3rd generation NRI
Kochu Kallan (Petty thief) - Dude who roams around with a lady in office, most of the day

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Monday, September 22, 2008

10 things to do before Sep 22, 2009

Baby kinda inspired me to come up with a list of my are my 10 things to do in the next one year:

1. Skydive (*)
2. Drive a sports car, or atleast a very powerful car, on a proper racing circuit (****)
3. Ride a sports bike - the R1 preferably :) (*****)
4. Visit the Niagara falls (*)
5. Ski at Lake Tahoe (*)
6. Visit 2 more countries, in a third continent - after India, Thailand, Singapore (Asia), and USA (North America) - mostly Canada, and Brazil/Peru (**), maybe even Europe.
7. Learn to take excellent portraits with self-designed internal lighting setups. Impress a kickass female and get her to pose for me (*****)
8. Break the 150mph barrier on any vehicle (also related to points 2/3). My max is 113mph (181kmph) in a Ford Mustang (****)
9. Drink absinthe! (****)
10. Complete Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas on my PC (*****)

[The number of stars indicates the probability of execution. The more the stars, the less the probability of my doing it]

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hurry Home
Hurry Home
Hurry Home
Hurry Hooooooommmmeeee

Bolo Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry hey
Why is Himesh in such a hurry? And why is he biting his teeth so much?
I am a fan of Himesh, but this is slightly too much even for me!

P.S. The track list informs me it is Hari Om and not Hurry Home...hmm. Total damage!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

And I confer you upon the award

Heh. And I thought all these days that Awards were conferred on people and not the Other way around.

Original Link here. Will hopefully be corrected.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I bow to thee!

First a "mature" Guru, and then the out-and-out commercial Sivaji:The Boss and Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, followed by a historical Jodhaa Akbar, a super-youthful Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, a very classical Ada, and now a brilliant Sakkarakatti presenting the best of all worlds. What a cross of genres!

Many of these albums would probably make the top 10 on the list of any true fan of God. If Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikaalam, Ghajini and Main Yuvraj hit the bull's eye as well, nothing like it!

Is this His best phase ever? I think yes!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheeni Kum

64 year old man falls for 34 year old woman. Woman's father, the prospective father-in-law, is just 58 years old, a full 6 years younger. While the father-in-law is happy with Bhajan, Bhojan and Bhajji, an older man wants to get married. Problem? Depends on your point of view :)

This is easily one of the finest love stories I have seen on screen - there is an undercurrent of maturity which convinces you that these two slightly beyond-marriageable-age-folks know exactly what they are doing, however interesting the situation they are in may be. Probably that is the beauty of love - you never know when it is gonna strike, whom its gonna strike, and also probably not when it actually strikes ;)

Thankfully the movie is set in London in the initial stages, so you don't have a lot of the regular cliches - social stigma, people pointing fingers, society, blah blah. You also do not have to sit through cliched motions like the "hero" dyeing his hair to look younger, wearing t-shirts, showing off sprightly dance steps in some random disco, et al. Here is a man who is comfortable with his 64 years old look (though he does wear designer glasses to look cool, and has a cool ponytail too which does not ridiculous in the least), and who has no clue on what he is expected to be doing after falling in love.

PC Sriram totally rocks the scene with some awesomely shot trademark angles and composition. Super choice. So is the choice of Illaiyaraja. I am totally in love with the songs after I watched the movie. Shreya Ghosal makes Jaane Do Na sound so maturely subtly sexy :) What a voice!

The first three-fourths of the movie till Bachchan actually tells Paresh Rawal that he wants to marry Tabu is absolutely brilliant. The movie nosedives from that point and is not worth watching. You can still watch the movie thrice just for the initial scenes where Tabu and AB are just awesome. AB is perfect as the senior citizen with the king sized ego who is awkwardly falling in love with a woman much younger. Tabu is also perfect casting as the 34 year old who is having a lot of fun watching the 64 year old slowly fall for her but having a lot of difficulty admitting it :) The neighbour's kid, Sexy, was a character that could have been deleted.

Balki rocks! Go watch Cheeni Kum!

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